Jun 8, 2010

Summertime Water Art

My jack-of-all trades neighbor Jill taught me a thing or two about creative things to do with kids in the summer. I'll never forget the day I went over and saw our girls painting away with water on her driveway. I'm sure my mouth gaped open as I watched them create and the sun erase. Ingenious if you ask me. Perhaps the entire world already knows about this, but I didn't, so I thought maybe someone could benefit from me putting it in the Lemon Tree. Hope it sparks summer fun at your place.

Do you have a creative and simple idea that's fun for the kids?
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Kierstin said...

SUCH a great ideal!! I am definitely going to be doing this...Lauren will love it-thanks!

whitney said...

Love this idea Mindy. Thanks for sharing. I love this blog.

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