Jun 14, 2010

Guest Post: Squeegee-Clean Shower

I must give a shout out to my incredibly sweet, intelligent, and supportive dad. He claims that he "might be the only man to ever submit something" to this blog, and I can't think of a better guy for the job. Get ready, this is one to remember...

Unless you love scrubbing off hard water and soap scum, this should brighten both your day and your shower. Just quickly go over your shower with a good rubber 8" Squeegee before you exit the shower and you will never (almost) have to clean your shower again. It's easy and even good exercise. Takes less than a minute. No need to wipe the squeegee with a towel or use any cleaning agents - just swipe and shake it off. Have fun!

~Roy, Utah

Do you have any great cleaning tricks you use around the house?
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Sue said...

This is something my mom does faithfully. But I, of course, am too slapdash in my housekeeping methods.

Thanks, Roy. You are a better housekeeper than I am!


Kierstin said...

Your dad is so great and so sweet!! I love this tip and I am definitely going to go and get a squeegee...my shower has lots of hard water spots. Thank you for the tip!!

Marianne said...

Is that how you spell the word? I never would have guessed. I live by this too, but you have to start with hard-water-free-walls to begin with. It works though. I did it all growing up.

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