Jun 10, 2010

Pull Under Pony

When it comes to doing my girl's hair, I am admittedly so so at best. A few years back I was on the phone with my lifelong girl, Kierstin, and I was telling her my hairstyling woes. It was then she let me in on a special little something she learned along the way, what I like to call the pull under pony. This little hair trick has made my girl's hair go from drab to fab and must be shared.

Step 1: tie pony a bit higher than usual

Step 2: divide bottom part of pony down the middle

Step 3: pull top of pony forward through the divide
Step 4: pull top of pony tight, wriggling as necessary, until it's a thing of beauty

Got any super simple girly hairdoos?
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Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

I grew up calling it the inside out pony tail

Kierstin said...

I love the pictures Mindy, they look so good! I am so glad that you have enjoyed this "hairstyle". we use it all the time and I love that it is the one thing that will actually stay in all day too!!

Sue said...

Even looking at the step-by-step picture, I can't figure this out. I am just hair-challenged, and poor Karin suffered from it.


Marianne said...

We call these a pull through and I LOVE THEM! I used to look at girls hair and wonder how in the world their mother's had done it. When I was finally taught, I couldn't believe I had made it through more than 30 years without knowing how to do this. If you haven't tried it...TRY. It's so cute and actually stays in the hair.

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