Jun 9, 2010

Dance It Out

picture courtesy of my little lady, Kaela

So, I must confess that I love to dance. I woke up the other morning with little energy and too much to do. My daughter, Kaela, turned on my iTunes playlist and suddenly my body started to move. We're talking music high, stress out the window, shake your groove thing, let loose without a care until my insides were flying high and I was ready to tackle the day. So then I thought, does everyone do this? And then I thought, well, I hope they do! Even if dancing isn't your thing I think everyone should laugh and smile while going crazy to their favorite song when no one's around. I did. Not to mention, when I do this, my kids get a huge kick out of it and join in. It will raise your spirits. Guaranteed.

What gets you going on those tough days?
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Katie Blacker said...

I love this and do it often. Someone once told me (can't remember who...) that everytime they are in an elevator alone they do a little dance. Ever since I have heard that I do it too. When I was a working woman, I had the opportunity often and it totally made a difference in my attitude. Nothing like have a good laugh at yourself, right?

Kierstin said...

LOVE the pic!! Great job Kaela! This is a great idea Mindy...I love doing this with the girls it is so much fun!!

Sue said...

Just looking at the pic raised mine!


whitney said...

We get a lot of Hannah Montana around here.

Marianne said...

This is one of my most favorite things to do too...especially to that one song, you know, the one you just used to love way back when when you had time to listen to music and chill. Music has such a stong way of bringing back emotions...especially the happy ones!

Natalie said...

Mindy, I love this site! So refreshing and insightful - thank you. I will be checking it often. And yes, I too dance a little when just the kids are watching and I need a pick-me-up. They tell me I'm funny and then join in.

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