Mar 28, 2011

Guest Post: Baby Powder Sand Remedy

This summer when at the lake or the beach, when you are done playing in the sand, use baby powder to clean the sand off of your kids.
Dry off as much as possible to use less baby powder. Use on arms, legs, toes, hair, wherever there is sand. The baby powder absorbs the moisture to let the sand fall off your body. Use a little on your towel and shake sand off or some in your beach shoes.
Works like a charm and saves your car and house from the sand. It's great!
Rachelle, Arkansas

Mar 25, 2011

Taming Your Digital Photo Albums

I called my sister-in-law Linda in a panic yesterday needing some digital photo advice. I have a 6 year-old, a 4 year-old, a two-year old, and a newborn about to appear. Sadly, the only photo album I've created is my 6 year-old's 1 year album and I've felt compelled to get caught up and create a little keepsake for each child when the new baby arrives.

Once I saw the cost of printing over 500 pictures for just one of my children, I panicked and knew I needed help paring it down. Linda gave some stellar advice to pick no more than 7 photos per kid, per month of their life. I LOVED this advice and it really helped me to go back through and focus on the most important pics. She also suggested picking just one or two pictures to represent their birthdays and vacations and other special holidays. Mind you, these photo albums are being created for the kids to keep, different from a family album where you would display a few more holiday pics and whatnot.

It seems that in this digital photo age we can really find ourselves overwhelmed and overdoing it when it comes to family photo albums. Thought maybe this advice could help others who are trying to create photo keepsakes for their families. Happy editing!

Mar 18, 2011

Guest Post: Inexpensive Decorative Cork Board

I am always looking for more places to put my kids art projects--really what mom isn't? I wanted to be able to put them up on the wall easily but wanted it to look nice in the room.

You can take any frame into Hobby Lobby and they will put the cork into the frame. (Just like they were framing a picture.) So easy and it doesn't take them very long. Pick out a frame--But wait until they are 50% at Hobby Lobby---and ask them to add the cork in the middle. I did this white one awhile ago, but I don't think it cost me more than $25.

Amanda, Arkansas

Mar 12, 2011

Guest Post: Sleep In Solution

Saturday and Sunday mornings my husband and I always wanted to sleep in but I didn't trust my young kiddos to get their own breakfast. If they could have their cereal and Dora, then we could get another 1/2 hour of sleep.

I didn't worry about the plastic dishes or the cereal they could get from the pantry--it was the gallon of milk I didn't want to see all over my kitchen floor. I realized my kids could pour the milk if it wasn't so heavy and found this easy solution at the store, a small pouring container. I never fill it up all the way-usually about 3/4 full so all my kids can have some. Also place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Enjoy the extra 1/2 hour of sleep!

Amanda, Arkansas

Mar 3, 2011

Not So Natural

I recently purchased a copy of the new 2011 edition of the book Eat This Not That! and was shocked by more than one thing I read. One fact that really caught me off guard was their clarification on the word "natural" currently found on many grocery store packages. Apparently there is nothing natural about the use of the word on any non-meat product. I've always felt so proud of myself when I've bought something with the word "natural" on it thinking that it was a healthier option, but that is not so.

The book states:
This term is used almost entirely at the discretion of food processors. With the exception of meat and poultry products, the USDA has set no definition and imposes no regulations on the use of this term, making it essentially meaningless.

I feel so deceived so I thought I would share this info to help enlighten the rest of us innocent grocery consumers.

However, I must say that the popcorn in the above picture is incredibly tasty and the clever yet hollow verbiage on its package isn't going to stop me from buying this deliciously unhealthy snack. I sort of figured it couldn't be all that healthy if it tasted so dang good!
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