Jun 15, 2010

Feature: Place Mats Make Great Pillow Cases

I wanted some yellow in my front room. bad. So I looked and looked for some throw pillows and couldn't find any...well I couldn't find any cute enough to justify spending $15-$30.

Next option was sewing my own. I began the hunt for some cute yellow fabric. A task much harder than expected. I went to lots of stores but had no luck; I had to get creative.

Then it clicked to look in the place mat section. There it was, the perfect embroidered yellow number that would compliment the other pillows on my couch. Any place mat with two separate pieces sewn together is a great pillow cover candidate. Best part is - the hard part has already been done for you.

Here is how I did it:
Step 1 = pick apart the stitches on the shortest side just big enough to stuff the pillow in.

Step 2 = stuff the pillow

step 3 = sew it back up.

Total Cost: $3.99 (I already had the pillow insert)

Here are my results:CLICK HERE to see Katie's full post with more incredibly beautiful do-it-yourself decorating tips.

~Katie Blacker, Ohio

Do you have any simple, savvy decorating tips?

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Kameron said...

What an awesome idea... I'm totally going to try this out. I need some fresh pillows.

Kierstin said...

I LOVE that pillow!! What a great idea! Katie you are SO SO talented! Thank you for sharing!

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