Jun 14, 2010

Feature: "Dishes Can Wait - Seriously" -NieNie

a typical post-dinner scene around these parts

I read NieNie. She inspires me. She is my definition of beautiful. She helps me to be a more present, joyful mother and wife. About a year ago she wrote a post entitled "Love" that made mention we are missing out on our children after dinner. Heaven knows that before dinner at my house it is none other than chaotic with tired, hungry children who drive me and my thinned out patience bananas. But after dinner there is usually a contentment that comes over the kids…and I’m usually in the kitchen cleaning up instead of taking it in. Thanks to NieNie, I am trying to be knee deep in my kids at their most pleasant, instead of the dishes. The dishes don’t seem to mind.

CLICK HERE to read NieNie’s full post on "Love"

Have you been changed by parenting advice that drifted your way?
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Katie Blacker said...

i loved that post too. Nice to have those reminders. Life is so short and should be enjoyed fully.

Sue said...

I love EVERY post of hers. What an incredible person she is.


Kierstin said...

She is so wonderful...I love her thoughts, insights and wisdom...she is such an amazing mom and woman. Thank you for posting this. I totally agree...the dishes can wait. That is a great pic of Joey and the kids.

Jan Hobson said...

Awesome post, Mindy. We can all take that advice- enjoy the moment. Mom always says your kids grow up before you know it- I'm so glad you're taking time to enjoy them.

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