Jun 12, 2010

Guest Post: Beginning Handwriting

1. Write any letter on a small chalkboard.
2. Have your child trace over the letter with something that is wet and something that will fit easily in their little fingers (we use a small sponge).

This is a tip that we got from a wonderful teacher. It has really been a lot of fun for my youngest daughter...the fact that she loves doing it is a huge plus! Her big sister has even enjoyed doing this with her. It has been great in helping develop fine motor skills and, of course, in helping with beginning letter writing.

~Kierstin, Utah

Do you know of any simple and fun ways to help kids learn?
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Marianne said...

This looks like such a fun idea. And what a liitle cutie you have Kierstin...she looks so much like you!

Kierstin said...

Thank you Mari, you are so sweet. How are you?

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