Nov 7, 2011

Hospital Moving Boxes

In honor of a big move that my family is making to Utah, I thought I would share a great little moving tip. I was once told by my friend Becca that a fabulous way to get moving boxes is to call your local hospital. If you ask, she says they will set them aside for you and actually appreciate you taking them off their hands.

Good to know, eh.

Nov 1, 2011

DIY Cake Plate

I was admiring all of the cake plates with yummy desserts on them at a baby shower I recently attended. For some reason I haven't acquired a single one in my married life! At the end of the evening I was still chatting away while decorations were coming down and my friend Jessica started to dismantle her cake plates. I did a double take and asked her what she was doing. She was surprised at my curiosity and thought everyone knew how to make them. A few other girls around chimed in and were just as interested as I was.

Cake Plates can apparently be created with a candle holder, any plate of your choice, and what she called "sticky stuff". I'm still not sure what "sticky stuff" really is called but it is blue and she said it can be purchased at Walmart (she said her mom used to even hang things on her walls with it).

I actually snagged the pic from above at because I haven't created my own yet. She creates her DIY cake plates by gluing them with a glue gun. You can Click Here to see her step by step instructions. But I must say I like the idea of using "sticky stuff" so that it's not a permanent fix.

Pretty cool!
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