Jun 25, 2010

The Loudest Chomp

Getting my kids to willingly eat their veges is a real hit or miss around these parts. Usually a miss. The other night we had eaten I think it was cheese pizza for dinner, so I got out some carrots and snap peas to save their little systems from oil overdrive. Instant refusal. Then, my husband Joey grabbed a carrot and said all animated, "Let's see who can make the loudest chomp!" The kids eyes lit up and their little hands reached into those baggies so fast and my mouth hit the floor. They wanted to play it again and again, and they were eating their veges with smiles on their faces. Brilliant.

Do you have any secrets to get your kids to eat their veges?

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Sue said...

Sounds like Joey is one smart dude!


Kierstin said...

Great idea Joey!! I love the pic, they look like they are having a blast!! :)

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