Jun 5, 2010

Potty Training Double Up

When in the throws of that exasperating thing called potty-training I have discovered that a pair of little underwear worn under a Pull-Up diaper can help your child to understand how it feels to be wet.
I'm not saying this is the answer to getting your child potty trained, because heaven knows I tried it all with two kids so far that took their sweet time. The undies under the diaper just helped my kids to understand how it really felt to stay wet, a feeling they didn't love that encouraged them to use the potty. Not to mention it helped keep my house stain-free, something I basked in! If you want to try it just be sure to tuck the underwear well into the diaper so it doesn't leak out.

What really worked for you when potty training?
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Kierstin said...
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Kierstin said...

We did this too, I think it definitely helped.

Debbie said...

I have a question about my dishwasher! All of a sudden I have a film on my dishes and glassware. I've cut back on the detergent and have to run vinegar in a final rinse. Since you have some wonderful tips - esp the potty training stuff - maybe you have an idea as to what's going on????

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