Jun 11, 2010

Accept a Compliment

Somewhere along the way, I think in college, I remember being scolded by someone because I wasn't able to just accept a compliment. They totally called me out and it hit home for me. After that, I realized I was always rebutting compliments with a "but..." or a "well..." or something of that sort. It took time, but eventually when a compliment drifted in my direction I started to say "thanks" and let it be. I've found that not only do I feel better about what is said when I don't allow myself to distort it, but it makes the person who complimented me happy too. Hey, I'm still not great at this but I think it does wonders to give ourselves a break and welcome the nice things that are said to us.

Have you ever been called out by some unexpectedly wise words?
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Sue said...

I've had to learn to do the same thing. I used to have a terrible time accepting a compliment, but I think I have finally learned to just smile and say thanks.

The other wise words that resonated with me many years ago were said to me by a professor who was trying to get me to ease up about thinking I needed to be all things to all people. He said that it was "arrogant" to think I was so powerful a figure in the lives of others that they couldn't get along without my help for a while. It really taught me to give people some space and respect them enough not to try to "fix" everything for them.


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