Aug 4, 2010

Slice of Oprah: Travel Decor

Oprah's design expert Nate Berkus' take on and advice for decor is really eye opening for the design impaired, like me. I feel like I'm still in the throws of figuring out my style and I want my home decor to have more meaning.

Nate preaches that everyone should display things in their home from their travels. I recently took his advice. As a kid I would collect bucketfuls of sparkly rocks on my Grandma's property in Utah. In my eyes they were a priceless treasure. So when I had a chance to stay at her house this summer I seized the moment and collected a bunch of beautiful rocks to take with me. I love that they mean something to me and I can't wait to find the perfect place to display them.

CLICK HERE to read Nate Berkus' "10 Easy Tweaks to Update Your Home"


karen said...

I also have collected pretty rocks and also sea glass and small shells at the beach. I've put them in nice glass jars with decorative lids and put them on shelves and in windows where the light will catch them. I don't know if anyone else notices them, but they make me happy when I see them.

Sue said...

I've got rocks just like that in a clay pot Todd threw for me. Looks great! I also have some rocks in glass bowls with candles in them.


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