Aug 13, 2010

Guest Post: Color Code Your Kids

With four children I often feel out of control with my household chores especially when it comes to laundry. Well, I do not have the lemon tree solution to laundry (could we just do away with it completely!) but I do have something that has helped me out a lot when it comes to bath towels. I chose a color for each of my children and bought them a really nice fluffy bath towel in that color. They use this towel every single time they bathe or shower. Now, I know whose towel is on the floor and they can keep track of their own towel and when it needs to be washed etc. Let's just say that it is so great NOT to have 20 towels all over the floor each night!

I also do the color thing for their drinking cups. They get one cup each day (same color as their towel) and anytime they want a drink they get their cup and then wash it out. I simply wash the cup each night and we start over the next day. So instead of using 6 different cups in a day, they each have 1 and I only have to worry about keeping track of 4 every day. It has worked out nicely. Now if all their clothes, toys, etc. could be one color right? . . .

Jill, Texas


Sue said...

Great idea!


{jane} said...

i love color coding! for my kids, my closets, etc etc...i even color code my kids at easter! makes the hunt...very organized!!! wanna see?


love your blog!!!

Kierstin said...

Love it, this is a great idea! Jane's blog is awesome...definitely check it out!

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