Aug 2, 2010

Carabiner Key Finder

I am that girl, you know, the one with her purse up on the hood madly digging through its depths for car keys. This is one thing about me that drives my husband completely crazy, not to mention how annoyed I get at my own self. He and I marvel at how I can have the keys in my hand one second and the next have no idea where I put them.

I like to blame it on my genes, as my mother suspiciously has the exact same problem. When I was with her this summer she raved about her new key finding system. She uses a carabiner (to all you non-outdoorsy people, it's what is in the picture above) to hold her keys so she can immediately latch it to the outside or inside of her purse when they're not in the ignition. This seems to have changed her life. I've been giving it a go this past week and I am in awe at how lovely it is to always know exactly where my keys are.

So, mom, I will no longer ascribe this fault of mine to you but instead praise you for finding a cure! This really is a life changing gem of an idea.


Sue said...

Whatever works, right? Nice cure, Marilyn!


Amy said...

Sue told me of your blog, and I have to say, I really am impressed! I will be a frequent visitor, and I can't wait to learn lots more from you. Especially the bit about keeping my heels from being "hoofy." I love that description!

karen said...

I got one of those from a supplier at work and brought it home, not quite knowing what to do with it. My husband took it and uses it for the spare keys to my car so he always knows where they are. He doesn't attach them to his purse - it's his "man bag."

Kierstin said...

I lose my keys ALL of the time and I am always standing outside searching my purse for them...this is a GREAT idea!! Thank you to you and your mom!

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