Aug 16, 2010

Feature: "Complimenting On A Job Well Done" - Shauna

I have recently come across a few blogs that I find inspiring. Shauna's blog My Mix of Six is one of them. She is an incredibly insightful person and a funloving parent. I think a lot of what she has to say is incredibly valuable. I've chosen to feature her post entitled "The Use of Words". I hope you enjoy Shauna's words of wisdom as much as I have:

"Christmas parties are winding up and two different teachers are trying to get their classrooms under control. I was walking in between my kids' classes and this is what the fifth grade teacher sounded like, "You guys start picking up" - no one is really listening, the room is a disaster. "Everyone start cleaning up our room". It just felt like chaos. I then venture into the fourth grade room and this is what their teacher sounded like, "Let's get our room cleaned up, and then we can listen to one last Christmas story. Nathan can you and Olivia clean off the boards, ... Then she proceeds to walk around commenting to the kids, "Nathan and Olivia, you two sure work well together ... Jackson you sure are a quick sorter ... Madison you can always find EVERY last piece of trash on the floor..." I then go back into the fifth grade room. It is STILL trashed the kids are out of control and nothing is really getting done as the teacher keeps nagging them to clean up. I do one last check in the fourth grade room and it is totally organized with everyone sitting around listening to a Christmas story.

This scenario happened over a year ago and I have reflected back to it many times and have used Ms. Schmuttermair's skills here in our home. I try to be specific about the tasks needing done, instead of just 'everyone clean'. I then try hard to compliment those working on jobs together, telling them how well they work together. I also try commenting on how well they are doing their chores. Rebecca wasn't an immaculate sweeper, UNTIL I started telling her that she was one of my best. Then all of a sudden I noticed the care she takes in getting ALL the crumbs and dirt. She will always say to me as she sweeps, "Why do you think I'm such an awesome sweeper Mom?..." because she is looking for the praise and compliments once again.

CLICK HERE to read Shauna's full post entitled "The Use of Words".


Kierstin said...

I LOVE this and I agree so much!! I have noticed this with my girls too...they LOVE hearing how pleased we are with them and how well they do things. Positive words mean SO much!

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