Aug 9, 2010

Coupon Swagger

I recently attended a coupon class my friend Jennifer taught and she told us never to feel like we are putting a store out by using a coupon. At one time or another we may have all felt like we were a hassle to the store for presenting our coupon. You know the checker, the one who acts like the coupon is so inconvenient and she has to call over her supervisor and you start to wonder how this little piece of paper could be so difficult. Get this...stores make 8 cents on every coupon you use and they are reimbursed by the manufacturer. So, we are actually doing stores an 8 cent favor when we use them! Now we can all hand over our coupons with a bit of swagger, how great is that.


Sue said...

You are a lot more thoughtful than I am, because I've never even thought twice about using a coupon. It never even occurred to me to feel like I was putting them out.

I guess, when I'm shopping, it's all about me!


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