Aug 17, 2010

Freezer Jammin'

There is something so mouthwatering about homemade jam. I have been supplied most of my life by my Grandmas, spoiled I know. Two summers ago my good friend Michelle and I got ambitious and went strawberry picking and made our own freezer jam to boot. I loved how easy it was. I went ahead and made my own this year because my family had the good fortune to pick fresh raspberry's from my Grandma's garden. It was fun to let my kids in on the making of it this time.

What you need is yummy fruit, a pack of Sure Jell (found by the jellos), a frightening amount of sugar (don't skimp on it though), a Cuisinart or blender, and containers. You don't need to go picking, you can just get some fresh fruit from the grocery store or your local farmer's market (although if a farm is nearby it is worth the work!).

Follow the Freezer Jam instructions found inside the Sure Jell package and in no time at all, you will have supplied your family with a tantalizing, preservative free delight. Not to mention this makes a fabulous, cost-effective Christmas gift for friends and neighbors.


Marianne said...

We picked some of her raspberries too and made jam. How I love that raspberry jam!

Kierstin said...

YUM!!!! I will have to try this! Plus...I bet my girls would love to help me!

Taste of Champaign said...

We do this too! One fun thing we did this summer was make homemade vanilla ice cream, and then added a pint of our freezer jam to the mix. It made THE BEST strawberry ice cream ever!

Sue said...


I rely on my visiting teacher for my raspberry jam. Now, that's just not right, is it?


Tyler and Kristen said...

I just found a wonderful new pectin, it's BALL brand and it only uses 1.5 cups of sugar and tastes WONDERFUL!!! It's like you are eating pure fresh mashed strawberries, even months later. This is my recommend to everyone, if you are trying to cut back on sugar, try it!!!

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