Sep 27, 2010

Slice of Oprah: Grilled Cheese On Another Level

A while back Gale, Oprah's BFF, did a search across America to find the most mouth-watering sandwich. I feel a secret kinship with Gale because she loves food as much as I do, but I think she may have one up on me when it comes to trying anything and everything. One of the sandwiches she found on her search was a gourmet twist on a classic grilled cheese. It sounded so enticing that I went ahead and tried to make my own the week after I saw it and DANG is it delicious! So I thought I would share. What you need is:

Havarti Cheese Sliced

Tomatoes Sliced
Basil, either fresh or dried
2 Slices of Hearty bread, I prefer sourdough
Heat up your pan and butter the outsides of your bread. Lay down a piece of bread, butter side down, in the pan. While it's sizzling, throw on your cheese, drizzle some honey, lay on your tomatoes and basil leaves, drizzle some more honey, and top it with your final piece of bread, butter side up. When the bottom is golden brown, flip it carefully over and brown it on the other side.

You are in for a delightful treat I tell ya.

You can CLICK HERE to see the segment on Oprah that inspired me.


Kierstin said...

That looks and sounds so yummy!! Thank you for sharing! Great pics!

Sue said...



HAYHAY said...

I wish I had that made for me right now! Delish!

Marianne said...

Wow...with honey? I'll have to try this one. Looks so DELICIOUS.

Rachel said...

Yum, I'll have to try this one! My sister discovered another amazing twist on grilled cheese that Jared and I love.

Havarti Cheese
Thinly sliced granny smith apple
cooked bacon

Put them together and make as you would a normal grilled cheese.

It looks like you can't go wrong with Havarti cheese. :)

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