Sep 1, 2010

Feature: "Do You Have a Mystery Odor in Your Laundry Routine???” -Jane

In the past decade have you upgraded to a front loading washing machine? Do you think POWDER laundry detergent is a thing of the past?

I am particularly fond of good smells, actually, obsessed. In the past few years, I went to huge efforts to try and figure out why my laundry was not smelling fresh… I even brought in a couple plumbers to help me resolve the issue. I purchased a NEW set of washer/dryer and went back to top loader for my washer because I was convinced after all my research that it must be my washer that had the problem. After all, front loaders do have a ‘mystery odor’ reputation.

However, after an appointment with one very brilliant plumber, he informed me I should make the switch back to powder detergent. He said the washing machine needs that dose of powder every load to cleanse itself. I made the switch, and wah-la! My yummy-fresh smelling laundry returned. I was one very happy scent-obsessed housewife!

So, here’s the low-down on liquid… if you are having any challenges with a weird/nasty odor in your washing machine...good chance it's because the liquid soap is sitting-rotting in the plumbing pipes/tubes!!! And, if you have a front loading washing machine, front loaders are going to worsen the odor!!!

I recommend Tide He, *powder form only. CLICK HERE to check it out.

CLICK HERE to see all of Jane's laundry recommendations at her blog "See Jane Blog".


Sue said...

Great tip. I'm going to be sure to run a powder cycle now and then to flush out the leftover liquid.


Kierstin said...

Thank you SO much Jane!!!! Great post!

Stacie said...

I'm curious about this. How is it that the powder doesn't get stuck in the pipes, but liquid does? Also, does this happen with washers that aren't HE? And if so, will a regular Tide powder (rather than HE) help?

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