Sep 17, 2010

From Linda's Lips: Grated Butter

You know those recipes that call for drizzled butter? Well, sure, butter isn't always the best health option, but I still use the stuff every now and then.

I have several recipes that tell me to melt and drizzle butter over everything before popping it into the oven. I end up using more butter than I probably should or most of the butter ends up on one side of the dish and the other half gets hardly any.

I h ad an AHA! moment a while back that I would love to share. I now skip melting the butter and instead pull a stick straight out of the fridge and grate the butter over my dish. It works like magic, is evenly distributed, and I use so much less! Just note, the butter MUST be cold and you should move pretty quick. I simply move my grater over the dish while grating and viola! My dish is drizzled with butter. It looks almost like grated mozzarella cheese! This specific dish is a cheesy chip chicken. My kids love it!


Sue said...

That is one of the smartest things ever! I have a couple of recipes like that and I always put big blobs on and end up with way too much butter that is anything but evenly distributed.

This blog rocks. Seriously!


karen said...

What a GREAT idea! This blog is a little treasure.

Marianne said...

Another fabulous tip! Thanks.

Alli said...

Great idea! Awesome!

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