Sep 10, 2010

From Linda's Lips: WD 40--not just for squeaky doors!

I'm sure everyone has heard of many uses for this product, but one that I have used on more than one occasion and tell people about all the time is for getting out stains. I originally heard about this from the "Queen of Clean." She is one of my favorite ladies. I absorb her wisdom like a sponge!

Basically, if you have any oil based stain (lipstick, bicycle chain grease, grease splatter from last nights dinner, and my favorite--crayon) WD-40 can get it out.

I had heard of this once and stored it in one of those "useless fact" compartments in my brain, and then came the day when a crayon was left in a pocket of a pair of shorts and made its way into the dryer. You can imagine my horror (well, if you know me you can imagine). There I was, pregnant with twins and all of my maternity clothes were splotched with crayon marks. There was no way I was going buy new clothes for the remaining 2 months of my pregnancy, so then and there I armed myself with a bottle and took to the backyard. This was going to take some ventilation space. I would spray a bit of WD-40 on a spot, activate the stain, and then rub it with dishwasher soap and water to remove the crayon and the WD-40 completely out of the fabric.

It works ladies and gentleman. It really really works.

And to clean the inside of the dryer: I sprayed a bit of WD-40 on a rag and wiped out those crayon marks. Followed that with liquid dish soap and water, and then put some dry rags in the dryer to be sure they collected the residue (this little tidbit I got off of the crayola website after I had cleaned my clothes). I have since learned it will also get gum off of the inside of dryer walls as well. I'm thinking I need to inspect my pockets more carefully from now on...


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