Mar 3, 2011

Not So Natural

I recently purchased a copy of the new 2011 edition of the book Eat This Not That! and was shocked by more than one thing I read. One fact that really caught me off guard was their clarification on the word "natural" currently found on many grocery store packages. Apparently there is nothing natural about the use of the word on any non-meat product. I've always felt so proud of myself when I've bought something with the word "natural" on it thinking that it was a healthier option, but that is not so.

The book states:
This term is used almost entirely at the discretion of food processors. With the exception of meat and poultry products, the USDA has set no definition and imposes no regulations on the use of this term, making it essentially meaningless.

I feel so deceived so I thought I would share this info to help enlighten the rest of us innocent grocery consumers.

However, I must say that the popcorn in the above picture is incredibly tasty and the clever yet hollow verbiage on its package isn't going to stop me from buying this deliciously unhealthy snack. I sort of figured it couldn't be all that healthy if it tasted so dang good!


Marianne said...

I love some good popcorn, will have to try this one. Thanks for the not so natural tip. Good to know. LOVE YOU!

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