Oct 20, 2010

The Tank Half Full

This wise piece of advice is one I learned from my father. He always urged me to keep my car's gas tank half full at all times. I've tried. I too sometimes push the limit and ride until I'm gliding on hope with the gauge under the "E". Hey, nobody's perfect. As of late I have made a better effort to fill my car whenever I see it is half full. This way I won't be left wanting if an emergency occurs, not to mention I feel like I'm spending less on gas because I never feel the pricey sting of filling up the entire tank in one stop.

It's something worth considering, especially if you are one who is often caught off guard when you look down to see the "E" light blaring at you and find yourself praying your car will make it to the nearest station.


Kierstin said...

Too funny...just yesterday I noticed that my tank was half full and thought...I need to get to the gas station...I am sure I learned this from you and your dad! I think this is a great tip-thanks!!

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