Oct 11, 2010

Halloween Mummy Dogs

It has become a tradition for our family to make hot dog mummies on Halloween as our trick-or-treat night dinner. They are easy, yummy, and fun. What you need is:

Pillsbury crescent dough

Hot dogs

Unroll the crescent dough, and gently push all the seams together. Then cut it lengthwise into strips. Cut your hot dogs to your desired size. Wrap the dough strips around your hot dogs and place on a greased cookie sheet. Cook for the time stated on the crescent roll package, until they are golden brown and enjoy.

What are some of your fun Halloween traditions?

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Kierstin said...

Those are perfect!! How cute and fun for the kids, thank you for sharing!

Sue said...

Way cool.


karen said...

This is one of my favorite ideas yet! And so easy too!

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