Oct 6, 2010

Slice of Oprah: "I Am Special"

Oprah has had a couple of recent episodes on the new documentary Waiting for Superman. It was created in the hopes that we as communities will demand, support, and help create better schools. Very eye opening to me. One of the teachers in the documentary was being interviewed on Oprah and he talked about how he has his kids look at each other and say "I am special" so that they begin to really believe it and therefore believe they can achieve anything.

My daughter, Kaela, asked me the other day in the car if I liked how I looked when I was a kid. It took me off guard and in talking to her I discovered that she is already starting to become self-conscious of the way she looks. She thinks everyone else at school has such beautifully shaped faces and that hers is just, as she said, "round and boring". What!? Does this already happen at age 6? Crazy. So, when the teacher on Oprah said he makes his kids say they're special, I knew this was something that would bless my little Kaela.

Now as I'm doing her hair before school, I have her say "I am special" to herself in the mirror. Her face immediately brightens and she can't help but smile a little each time she says it. I'm hoping that the more she says it to herself, the sooner she will truly believe it.


karen said...

I wish someone had done that for me, and I wish I had done it for my daughter. My best friend and I finally declared ourselves "beautiful" on our 56th birthdays.

Sue said...

Better late than never, Karen!


Marianne said...

She is special. And that face is far from round and boring. Look how her eyes light up and then all those cute freckles and that smile...what a darling picture of her too! I love that Kaela!

Katie Blacker said...

oh my gosh that story melts my heart. I can't believe little missy is already worried about her looks. She is beautiful and so very special. And lucky to have a mom who reminds her too.

Kierstin said...

What a sweet picture of Kaela, she is so darling! What a wonderful mommy you are...it is so important for children to feel as special and loved as they are...this is such a sweet idea, thank you for sharing it!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness they start young these days. For the record I think Kaela is GORGEOUS! I always think she's older than she is because she has such beautiful features that remind me more of a teenager rather than a child. (She also sometimes talks like a teenager. :) I've even told Jared that I think she is the most beautiful little girl.

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