Jul 8, 2010

Girls Night Out

I know this is a common phenomenon, but I think it needs to be reinforced. Don't we all need a girls night out? Time away from all of our cares, from all of our norms, to just dive into delicious grub we didn't have to make, and laugh our heads off with friends. I know I need this and I think everyone should be doing it.

We recently moved to a new town and I have been really missing "my girls" and our girls nights out. We would try to get together a couple of times a month either to celebrate a birthday or to just chat. The other night I jumped at the chance to hang out with some new friends here and it was such a release to laugh and talk with them. If you're not already having some type of a night away from the everday - then get one started. It won't be hard to find takers and you'll rejuvenate your soul.


Sue said...

That saved my life when my kids were little! Hope you get a solid group of friends going really soon in your new spot.


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