Jul 26, 2010

By Bye Taco Seasoning

I was helping my sister-in-law Linda make dinner one night and she showed me how yummy taco meat can be when you throw in a little salsa. It was a really exciting moment in my life as Mexican food is my favorite, but super strong taco meat is not.

That's right, say goodbye to that overpowering taco seasoning. Just mix into the ground up meat of your choice some of your favorite salsa (I prefer ground turkey with Pace), add salt and pepper to taste and you have some perfectly scrumptious taco meat. Once you try this, you'll never go back to the powdered stuff again...at least I never have.


Katie Blacker said...

ooooh sounds yummy. im going to try this ASAP.

Sue said...

I don't like taco seasoning at all, so this works for me!


S Skinner said...

We just had tacos last night and I would have tried it. I should check the lemon tree more often!

Kierstin said...

I have never thought of this, it is a great idea...I will give it a try next time we have tacos...thanks!

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