Apr 11, 2011

Guest Post: Tackle The Mess With A Tackle Box

I looked and looked for a jewelry box that I liked and didn't find anything that I thought would work for me. I don't wear tons of jewelry, but have enough that one big box didn't do the trick. I knew that I just wanted a place for everything to go.

That is when I realized that a cheap tackle box would do exactly what I needed. (Please don't use mine as the best example of how it can be used because it is currently a mess in this picture.) That was just the beginning! You can use them to sort beads, embroidery thread, buttons, kids hair accessories, sewing utilities, junk drawers, and more! A great cheap solution to a lot of little items.
Amanda, Arkansas


Sue said...

I used to use little boxes like that. Recently, I've changed to these cool metal sculptures that you hang jewelry on. I like them!


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