Apr 4, 2011

Guest Post: Let The Show Begin!

My girls love to dress up and perform. Instead of spending a lot of money and making a big tadoo stage, my husband made a cheap removable set of curtains. I can put them up when the girls have a show and take them down when they are done. I LOVE to put things away!

2 old sheets, thin blankets, or shower curtains
2 eye hooks
shower hooks
2 carabiners
Screw the eye hooks into the walls (These are permanent, but we just painted over them so they weren't very noticeable.) Sew button holes into the tops of the sheets. Loop shower hooks through holes and slip onto sting. Tie end of string to the carabiners. Turn off your cell phones and enjoy the show!
Amanda, Arkansas


Sue said...

Great idea and a creative alternative to building a big, bulky stage!


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