Jan 25, 2011

Free Your Knives

Hello everyone and Happy 2011 to you all! I'm here, I'm growing like an oompaloompa with this kid inside of me, and I'm ready to end my blogging hiatus. I have big plans at the moment to post at least once a week. I know, so ambitious. But for now I think it is a doable and worthy goal. It feels good to be back.

Over the holidays we had lots of family come and visit which made them so much more special, isn't family so great. Leave it to my sis-in-law Linda (yes, the one and the same from Linda's Lips) to teach me even more savvy ways of doing things. One day she turned all of my knives around in my silverware tray to stop them from getting stuck under the wood. I'll admit I thought she was a little crazy at first, but I haven't had a stuck knife since. Thought maybe some of you out there could benefit from this simple little trick.


Katie Blacker said...

yay! glad the lemon tree is back!

Sue said...

ditto on that


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