Jan 27, 2011

From Linda's Lips: Whole milk solution

First off--a very happy birthday to Mindy!!!!! You deserve the best day ever!

Back to our post:
As I was making snickerdoodle cupcakes for my sons birthday tomorrow, I realized I had a Lemon Tree idea right in front of me!

I haven't had whole milk in the house on a regular basis since my youngest turned 2. I realized a while back that I hated it when I went to make a recipe and it called for whole milk (think bread, cakes, and sauces) and I didn't have any in the house. I would substitute with a lower fat if I had to, but the taste/texture was never quite the same. And then, there were times when I would by a half gallon of whole milk only to let it go to waste because I never needed it all. Then, one day I realized I had the solution in my pantry the whole time!

The food storage milk we store is whole milk!

I like storing it because really, if I had to live off of powdered milk, whole tastes a whole lot better in my opinion, and the added fat/calories is probably a good idea if you are living off of little food.

Anyway--as I perused my pantry before making my homemade mac-n-cheese a while back I noticed the can of powdered milk! I made it up in a jiffy (3 rounded Tbsp/1 cup of water) and used it instead of using my valuable milk in the fridge--we go through a lot of breakfast cereal around here--and I was so happy because I was rotating my food storage! From then on, whenever a recipe called for whole milk (or large amounts of milk in general) I used my powdered stuff.

You really cannot taste the difference. In fact, it works amazingly well! I get this in the Mexican food section at Walmart.

Try it out! Works in a pinch, or it could become a new favorite thing!


Sue said...

What a great tip!


Kierstin said...

very good tip, thank you!!

Happy Happy Birthday Mindy!!!! So good talking to you yesterday!

I am so excited you are posting again!

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