Dec 2, 2010

Windex To Gum

The other day I was fortunate enough to get up from my couch to find a wad of gum smushed to my sweatpants. Seriously, I thought my kids were so great with gum! Those little rascals not only had it all over me but it was all over our leather couch. After trying to freeze it off and pick at it to no avail I found the golden ticket on Google. Someone suggested using Windex to get gum out of clothes and off couches. It was like a little miracle as I sprayed Windex and the gum scraped loose with the help of my fingernail. It worked on our leather couches and on my clothes without discoloring them.

When stuck in a sticky situation, I give Windex to Gum the Lemon Tree approval!


Sue said...

Great to know. Peanut butter works well, too, but windex is better on clothing!


Marianne said...

Windex sure has a lot of great at grounding flies so you can kill them without having them fly away...I've even seen Mom do this!

Kelsey said...

It reminds me of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the dad tells everyone to use Windex to fix all their problems. Anyway... that is good to know, I have gum stuck to a pair of cargo pants right now.

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