Nov 9, 2010

From Linda's Lips: Pomegranate Season

I have always enjoyed pomegranates, but remember as a youth trying to pick out all of those fruit bits while staining my fingers and tiring of the work. As an adult I have walked past the pomegranates every year remembering the painstaking efforts of eating the darn things and avoided buying the fruits for that very reason.

And then, I saw it! I don't remember where, and perhaps you already know the secret, but this year I am back to buying the miracle (as some say) fruit! I was really excited to introduce pomegranates to the kids and 2 out of 4 gave it a thumbs up.

Here's the trick I saw and stashed in my brain:

Slice your pomegranate in half. Have a bowl of water at the ready. Using a large spoon, spoon out your fruit, white pulp and all. Once the fruit is out of its skin use your fingers to loosen the fruit from the pulp. The white pulp floats while the fruit sinks to the bottom. After separating the two, you can easily remove the white flesh with a slotted spoon and strain the fruit from the water! Yay! I love this method, and while you still have to work a little, this is sooooo do-able and takes only a few minutes. 
Enjoy pomegranate season friends!


Sue said...

Cool! I have two sitting in my fruit bowl right now that I've been avoiding like the plague. I will try this...


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