Jul 13, 2011

Picture Perfect

I've got to chalk this one up to Martha Stewart. I happened upon a tv show where she was giving advice on how to hang things on walls without making millions of nail holes. Something I've admittedly done way too many times. Her advice has saved me lots of time and walls, especially when something needs to be hung by two hangers placed unevenly on either side. Here's how it's done:

1. Trace the object onto paper & cut it out.
 2. Punch a little hole exactly where the nail needs to be. A mechanical pencil works wonders. Then write "wall side" so that you know which side of the paper must go against the wall. If I'm doing a grouping of frames, I also number or name them to remember which paper goes to which frame.
3. Hang the paper where you want it, making sure it is level.
4. Hammer nails into the premade holes on the paper.
5. Take the paper away, Hang your object...and...perfection!


Sue said...

What a great idea. That Martha is no slouch!


Kierstin said...

Thank you, this is such a great tip!! I love your pictures, they are so cute and they look perfect on your wall!

Sarah said...

This is such a great idea. I always end up putting 4 holes in the wall for each picture until I get it exactly right. Genius!

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